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Q. I am corresponding with a Russian girl. Can it be a scammer? A. Probably yes:-RRB- If you are here searching for advice on Russian scammers, you have probably already noticed something suspicious (she asked you for money, or there was some other red flag). If that is the case, she most likely is a scammer. Genuine, honest Russian girls won’t ever request cash. Since in Russia there is a stereotype – Money is requesting ONLY prostitutes!

Q. The woman I am corresponding with told me she already has a visa to return to the US and that she just wants cash for the ticket. She’s even sent me a copy of her passport with the visa. Can it be a scammer? A. Yes, she’s definitely a scammer. The copy of the visa and/or passport is simply fake. We have seen tons of fake documents. Normally they ship them in low resolution, so that the flaws aren’t as noticeable. Occasionally "she" asserts that she’s nearly all of the cash required for the ticket, so she only asks you to chip in three or four hundred bucks.

Q. She hasn’t asked for any money. Can it be a scammer? A. Yes, she’s a scammer. And she isn’t coming. The catch is, that since she isn’t asking for cash, you may not suspect her to be a scammer. Then, at the last minute, usually a day before her "birth " if you are already emotionally "conditioned", she informs you that she wants to pay some extra fee, generally not much, say $196, otherwise she can not use her ticket and her hard earned money she paid for this ticket and the visa is missing. A lot of men fall for that, considering that she never asked for money before, and also the amount is relatively small. Their thinking iswhat is two hundred dollars for mepersonally, even when she turns out to be a scammer. If you do pay, the scammer notes you as a sucker, and begins asking for longer, under various pretences. Since they understand that he who paid once is significantly more likely to pay again.

Q. What are the "red flags" I should listen to in a correspondence? A. The largest one is asking for cash, whatever the pretence. It could be paying for the Internet access, for English classes, for mother’s performance, as well as also the classics: for your own ticket and visa to visit your nation. Smaller red flags: – "that she " wrote you from nowhere, much less an immediate responce to your profile submitted on a concrete site. This is the most obvious one, but many men, particularly those not Internet-savvy, fall because of it. Just think about it, in case you have your profile on a particular site, her response should come through that site. If she’s contacting you from the blue, saying something such as "I saw your profile on the Internet", then it’s only spam, the scammers use it frequently. – "she" had only sent you one or 2 images of "her", russian girls dating and neglects or ignores your requests for more photographs (since the scammers steal photos from model or dating websites, it’s impossible for them to create more images of the identical person). – "she" ingores questions you ask on your messages and writes long-winded sentences about her city/country or any unrelated subjects (because crawlers have to write a lot of letters they use pre-made letter templates where they change only your name and perhaps a couple of different sentences to make it resemble an answer to your correspondence ). I am certain that several of these red flags are obvious for you, just use your common sense and you’ll be OK.

Q. I’ve been scammed. What do I do now? I am sorry, but getting back your money is exceptionally improbable. Western Union or other manners scammers ask you to send cash, don’t have a means for recourse. Cut your losses, learn from it, and proceed. Do not be let down about your idea to meet with a Russian girl. Most likely it wasn’t a Russian girl you’ve been corresponding to, so overlook ‘t take it out to these. I know some men who have been burnt and they post on various Russian girls forums items like "don’t belive Russian women, they are all scam". These men aren’t getting anywhere with such mindset. Instead look at several examples of those men who finally brought home beautifull, honest, and reliable Russian women. Yet, before you proceed, the fantastic thing to do would be to help other people just like you. The first thing to do would be to report that the scammer to our site. We recommend reporting your case into the Interpol. It does take some time on your own part, the Interpol won’t be quite welcoming, they may even tell you some thing like they will get to your case right after they solve all the murders (they don’t want any extra work of course, they prefer to sit on their butts all day). And you’ll likely never get outcomes, let alone your cash. Yet we encourage each of the men who have already been scammed, to go through this process and report them to the Interpol. Once the instance is formally reported, the Interpol must do some thing about it, such as ditch it onto the Russian athorities. After enough instances are hanging unsolved in their palms, they go out and detain someone. Believe me, other scammers are keeping their ears to the floor, and those arrests cause them to sleep bad.

Q. When I tried to upload pictures and info of a scammer I was sent back to info form with message "All areas needed " although most of areas were complete A. You have to refresh page (for new captcha created ) following this message, and type all areas .