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Clinical studis dmonstat that ACTOS impovs insulin snsitivity in insulin-sistant patints. ACTOS nhancs cllula sponsivnss tinsulin, incass insulin-dpndnt glucos disposal and impovs hpatic snsitivity tinsulin. In patints with typ 2 diabts, th dcasd insulin sistanc poducd by ACTOS sults in low plasma glucos concntations, low plasma insulin concntations, and low HbA1c valus. In contolld clinical tials, ACTOS had an additiv ct on glycmic contol whn usd in combination with a sulonylua, mtomin, insulin [s Clinical Studis ].

This mdication should b usd only whn claly ndd duing pgnancy. Discuss th isks and bnits with you docto. You doctmay substitut insulin this dug duing you pgnancy. ollow all instuctions caully.

Know th mdicins you tak. Kp a list you mdicins and show it tyou doctand phamacist byou stat a nw mdicin. Thy will tll you i it is okay ttak ACTOS with oth mdicins.

Pioglitazon may incas th isk bon actu in womn (usually in th upp am, hand, oot). S alsNots sction.

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