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“Whn you tak aspiin, th lvl stomach potction is dcasd and you’ mlikly tbld. Thus, popl whtak aspiin gulaly — vn in a bud coatd om — will hav oughly doubl th liklihood having a poatd ulc blding in th GI tact,” xplains ndick. “lativly littl attntion is paid tthis poblm that kills mpopl in th U.S. ach ya than asthma cvical canc. What w nd tdis ocus lss attntion on inding mthings that mak aspiin look good, w hav plnty thos, and think mabout ocusing on how tminimiz isk.”

W pickd linkd itms basd on th quality poducts, and list th pos and cons ach thlp you dtmin which will wok bst you. W patn with som th companis that sll ths poducts, which mans Halthlin UK and ou patns may civ a potion vnus i you mak a puchas using a link(s) abov.

Unotunatly, unlik aspiin, ths gastopotctiv dugs cost a bit mthan a coupl cnts a day. “I th w naddd cost ttaking a PPI with a daily aspiin, vy aspiin us could bnit om an addd lvl GI potction,” says ndick. “But givn th cunt cost ths agnts, I only cuntly commnd gastopotctiv thapy tthos aspiin uss wha at incasd isk GI complications.”

Th isk blding in th stomach may b high i you dink alcohol whil taking aspiin, syou may want tconsid ducing how much you dink avoiding alcohol compltly.

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