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Ask you doctbusing Anacin i you tak an antidpssant such as citalopam, scitalopam, luoxtin (Pozac), luvoxamin, paoxtin, stalin (Zolot), tazodon, vilazodon. Taking any ths mdicins with an NSAID may caus you tbuis bld asily.

I you condition lasts gts wos (such as nw unusual symptoms, dnss/swlling th painul aa, pain/v that dos not gaway gts wos) i you think you may hav a sious mdical poblm, gt mdical hlp ight away.

“Th a oth analgsic poducts on th makt which contain as much mpain-dulling ingdints than dos Anacin,” Hyun wot. “Anacin’s analgsic ingdints is not unusual, spcial stong than aspiin, sinc it is nothing oth than aspiing.

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