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If patients develop signs or symptoms that could indicate a blood cell dyscrasiasuch as feverstomatitissore throatprolonged bleedingbruising or skin disorderstreatment with colchicine should be immediately discontinued and a full haematological investigation should be conducted straight away.

Colchicine is also available in capsulesThe capsules are available as the brand-name drug MitigareThe capsules are also available as generic drugs.

Colchicine is potentially toxic so it is important not to exceed the dose prescribed by a physician with the necessary knowledge and experience.

A reduction in colchicine dosage or an interruption of colchicine treatment is recommended in patients with normal renal or hepatic function if treatment with a P-gp inhibitor or strong CYP3A4 inhibitor is requiredsee section 4.4

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6 mg was administered with clarithromycin 250 mg twice daily for seven days, the colchicine c max increased 197 and the auc 0- increased 239 compared to administration of colchicine alone.