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Antacids blood thinners such as warfarin coumadin ciprofloxacin cipro digoxin lanoxin enoxacin penetrex ketoconazole nizoral levofloxacin levaquin norfloxacin noroxin ofloxacin phenytoin dilantin quinidine tetracycline sumycin vitamins you may need to adjust the timing of other drugs, too.

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Decrease in blood plateletssymptoms include bruises and nose bleedsloss of appetiteanorexiapsychosisapathyconfusion headache stomach pain caused by lack of blood supply or damage to your intestinesischaemia and necrosisenlarged breast tissue in mengynaecomastialack of energyfatiguea general feeling of being unwell and weakness.

Given that adult patients with heart failure have some symptoms in common with digoxin toxicityit may be difficult to distinguish digoxin toxicity from heart failureMisidentification of their etiology might lead the clinician to continue or increase LANOXIN dosingwhen dosing should actually be suspendedWhen the etiology of these signs and symptoms is not clearmeasure serum digoxin levels.

The maintenance dose is based on the lean body weightrenal functionageand concomitant productssee DRUG INTERACTIONS

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