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BuSpar is used to treat symptoms of anxietysuch as feartensionirritabilitydizzinesspounding heartbeatand other physical symptoms.

If you have switched to BuSpar from another anxiety medicationyou may need to slowly decrease your dose of the other medication rather than stopping suddenlySome anxiety medications can cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking them suddenly after long-term use.

Panic attacks are sudden feelings of terror that strike without warningThese episodes can occur at any timeeven during sleep.

This medication should not be used if you have certain medical conditionsBefore using this medicationconsult your doctor if you havekidney problemsliver problems.

Some tablet forms of buspironeBuspar Dividosemay need to be broken before you take the medicineThese tablets have special scored marks on them to make breaking the tablet easyDo not use the tablet if it has not broken correctly and the piece is too big or too smallFollow your doctor’s instructions about how much of the tablet to take.

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