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I had a heart attack in november 2007 and was placed on plavix and aspirin.

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Most popl can tak aspiin saly. But you should gt advic om a phamacist doctbtaking it i you:

Popl with th ollowing conditions should b cautious about taking aspiin, and should only dsi th doctags:

Som typs can b bought ov th count om phamacis, whil oths a only availabl on psciption.

Unotunatly, unlik aspiin, ths gastopotctiv dugs cost a bit mthan a coupl cnts a day. “I th w naddd cost ttaking a PPI with a daily aspiin, vy aspiin us could bnit om an addd lvl GI potction,” says ndick. “But givn th cunt cost ths agnts, I only cuntly commnd gastopotctiv thapy tthos aspiin uss wha at incasd isk GI complications.”

Hav a pptic ulc hmophilia any oth blding disod a known allgy taspiin an allgy tany NSAID, such as ibupon a at isk gastointstinal blding hmohagic stok dink alcohol gulaly a undgoing dntal sugical tatmnt, howv small.

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tylenol, aspirin, or other anti-inflammatory medications can be used to reduce the fever.