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Keep this leafletYou may need to read it againIf you have any further questionsask your doctor or pharmacistThis medicine has been prescribed for youDo not pass it to othersIt may harm themeven if their signs of illness are the same as yoursIf you get any side effectstalk to your doctor or pharmacistThis includes any possible side effects not listed in this leafletSee section 4.

The dosage of the drug for the treatment of parkinsonism depends upon the age of the patientthe etiology of the diseaseand individual responsivenessThereforethe dosage must remain flexible to permit adjustment to the individual tolerance and requirements of each patientIn generalyounger and postencephalitic patients require and tolerate a somewhat higher dosage than older patients and those with arteriosclerosis.

Other commonly used tricyclic antidepressantsincluding amoxapineAsendindesipramineNorpraminimipramineTofranilnortriptylinePamelorand protriptylineVivactil

The concomitant use of procyclidine with some neuroleptics for the treatment of extrapyramidal symptoms has been associated with a reduction in neuroleptic plasma concentrationsHowever this reduction is unlikely to be associated with a significant reduction in clinical effect.

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