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Th hav bn a pots immun-mdiatd ncotizing myopathy (IMNM), an autoimmun myopathy, associatd with statin us. IMNM is chaactizd by: poximal muscl waknss and lvatd sum catin kinas, which psist dspit discontinuation statin tatmnt; muscl biopsy showing ncotizing myopathy without signiicant inlammation; impovmnt with immunosuppssiv agnts.

Oth ibats: Bcaus it is known that th isk myopathy duing tatmnt with HMG-CoA ductas inhibitos is incasd with concunt administation oth ibats, ATOLIP CV should b administd with caution whn usd concomitantly with oth ibats.

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Oal Contacptivs: Co-administation atovastatin and an oal contacptiv incasd AUC valus nothindon and thinyl stadiol. Ths incass should b considd whn slcting an oal contacptiv a woman taking ATOLIP CV .

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