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The elimination of the major metabolites of bupropion may be affected by reduced renal function.

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Information about Bupropion.

Bupropion belongs to a class of drugs called antidepressantA class of drugs is a group of medications that work in a similar wayThese drugs are often used to treat similar conditions.

Coadministration of any other medications that contain bupropionbecause seizures are dose dependent.

This document does not contain all possible side effects and others may occurCheck with your physician for additional information about side effects.

BupropionAplenzinWellbutrinWellbutrin SRWellbutrin XLis used to treat depressionBupropionAplenzinWellbutrin XLis also used to treat seasonal affective disorderSADepisodes of depression that occur at the same time each yearusually in the fall and winter but rarely may occur in the spring or summer monthsBupropionZybanis used to help people stop smokingBupropion is in a class of medications called antidepressantsIt works by increasing certain types of activity in the brain.

Monoamine oxidase inhibitorsMAOIssuch as phenelzine or selegilineUsing these drugs with bupropion can result in severe high blood pressureAt least 14 days should pass between your use of an MAOI and use of bupropion.

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weight gain is associated with almost all antidepressants except bupropion wellbutrin .