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Amitiptylin may induc sid cts simila toth ticyclic antidpssants. Som th blow mntiond sid cts .g. hadach, tmo, distubanc in attntion, constipation and dcasd libidmay alsb symptoms dpssion and usually attnuat whn th dpssiv stat impovs.

Adngic nuon blocks : Ticyclic antidpssants may countact th antihyptnsiv cts cntally acting antihyptnsivs such as guanthidin, btanidin, spin, clonidin and mthyldopa. It is advisabl tviw all antihyptnsiv thapy duing tatmnt with ticyclic antidpssants.

Nocicptiv pain is pain that stats as a spons ttissu damag a painul stimulus lik a hot suac. xampls includ mchanical low back pain and dgnativ inlammatoy joint pain, and sit is asy tundstand why nocicptiv pain is th most common om chonic pain. Although ths pains may bgin as puly nocicptiv, ov tim th may b changs within th nvous systm that may sult in nuopathic pain.

7. Patncy th aiway is maintaind by intubation, wh quid. Tatmnt in spiatis advisd tpvnt a possibl spiatoy ast. Continuous CG-monitoing cadiac unction 3-5 days. Tatmnt th ollowing will b dcidd on a cas by cas basis:

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