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Aciclovi is liminatd pimaily unchangd in th uin via activ nal tubula sction. Any dugs administd concuntly that compt with this mchanism may incas aciclovi plasma concntations.

It is bst to stat taking aciclovi as soon as you notic th ist symptoms. In som cass, aciclovi will pvnt th dvlopmnt o sos i takn bo th ist sos hav dvlopd.

Aciclovi Tablts a indicatd o th suppssion (pvntion o cuncs) o cunt hps simplx inctions in immunocomptnt patints.

You should dink plnty whil you a on aciclovi to kp you kidnys woking wll. Dinking wat is bst, but hot dinks and non-alcoholic cold dinks a also suitabl. Aciclovi could caus you skin to bcom mo snsitiv to sunlight than it is usually. Avoid stong sunlight and sunbds, and us a sun cam with a high sun potction acto until you know how you skin acts. I you hav bn pscibd aciclovi o gnital hps, do not hav sx whil you hav sos o blists. vn at ths hav hald, th is still a small chanc that you may pass on th vius whn you hav sx – using a condom ducs this isk. I you a having an opation o any oth mdical tatmnt, tll th pson caying out th tatmnt that you a taking aciclovi.

Aow-down About aciclovi aow-down Bo taking aciclovi aow-down How to tak aciclovi aow-down Gtting th most om you tatmnt aow-down Can aciclovi caus poblms? aow-down How to sto aciclovi aow-down Impotant inomation about all mdicins.

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